Welcome to the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club Membership Page!

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Current Members – Please log in first.  If you are a renewing member who has logged in with your username and password, please scroll down and validate your information and select the "Confirm Contribution" button.  If you have not logged on before, scroll to the bottom and read the appropriate instructions below.

Prospective members - If you have never accessed the site, please scroll to the bottom and read the appropriate instructions below.

If you want to pay by check, please download the paper application located below and send to H-E-T Club Membership, 7115 Franklin Ave., Windsor Heights, IA 50324 :

H-E-T Membership Application

New Hudson Essex Terraplane Club membership

Welcome to the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club membership sign up.  We are excited to have you!

Payment Options (Please refer to full instructions at the bottom of this page) - Three different ways to pay : 1. Paypal 2. Credit Card 3. Pay by check Note: If you selected Limited Online Access, you must select an option. It doesn't matter which one as you will not be charged.
Total Amount
Name and Address
This address is where your WTN is mailed
Your state/province and country of residence will be shared with others so folks can find others in their community.
If you renewing let us know how you originally heard about the Club.